I’m Coocoo for Cacao

Hello Lovelies:

I have a confession… I am in freaking love with cacao. I can’t get enough of the stuff. Cacao beans, nibs and powder are an essential staple in any health conscious chocolate lovers kitchen. Forget about that nutritionally impotent, overly processed insult to real chocolate that you see while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Raw cacao is a nutrient packed health food super star.

I discovered cacao early in my health journey. As someone who harbours a serious chocolate addiction I wanted to find something that would satisfy me and enhance my health at the same time. It was love at first taste and today cacao remains a delicious staple in my diet.

Here are a few of Cacao’s amazing qualities:

1. Magnesium. Magnesium helps the body absorb calcium, is imperative for muscle and nerve function, maintains a healthy heart, supports your immune system, promotes healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and so much more. Important tip for the ladies – the reason we often crave chocolate during menstruation is because magnesium helps relax muscles and prevent cramps. Score!

2. Vitamin C. Just like delicious lemons, cacao provides us with this beautiful antioxidant that help destroy free radicals and toxins, and strengthens your immune system by stimulating the production of white blood cells.

3. Antioxidants. Cacao has some serious bragging rights in this department. Cacao beans may be the best source of antioxidants, with a total of 621. To put that into perspective, domestic blueberries contain 32 antioxidants, and wild blueberries have 61. Isn’t that incredible?

4. Iron. This essential mineral helps transport oxygen throughout the body. Low levels of iron can cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, insomnia and ultimately lead to anemia. Iron is definitely an incredible, essential mineral.

5. Phenylethylamine. Holy cacao this is one cool benefit. Phenylethylamine acts as a mood elevator and is known to make you feel more alert. It’s also created within our brains when we fall in love.

6. Fiber. Cacao can help regulate your bowel movements. A serving of cacao powder (2.5 tablespoons) offer 16% of your recommended daily fiber intake.

There are many other reasons to enjoy cacao. It’s low glycemic, has some cardiovascular benefits, provides your beautiful body with some awesome nutrients and can be incorporated into a ton a recipes. I love cacao in smoothies, crepes, and a ton of raw desserts, including:

Raw Chocolate Fudge:

2 Tablespoons of Raw Organic Cacao Powder (like This)

2 Tablespoons of Organic Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon of Maple Syrup or Honey (Or more to taste)

Mix everything together and voila! An easy, delicious, healthy snack.

Optional: You can garnish your fudge with some Goji Berries, Dark Chocolate Chips, or Maple Sugar.

Bon AppΓ©tit!

Let me know what you think of your chocolate dessert! Do you have any cacao recipes to share?

Have a beautiful day,

All my love,


Thought of the day: It is possible to be both healthy and satisfied; I am only limited by my imagination.


About Ms. Health-Esteem

Sara Flanagan is a health and lifestyle blogger and the creator of www.mshealthesteem.com, where she shares her story of being diagnosed with Graves Disease, a chronic autoimmune disease, and empowering herself to do everything she can to thrive in spite of her diagnosis. She writes articles on self-love, acceptance, wellness and nutrition. Join her tribe today and share in the journey.

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