I believe that:

  • Wellness is a beautiful journey, not a destination
  • It is imperative that our relationships with our amazing bodies be built on the foundations of kindness, patience, forgiveness and love and that our actions reflect those ideals
  • Our struggles do not have to be our downfalls
  • Modern medicine is an important part of our health journey, but we must also be active patients and participate in our healing
  • What we eat, drink and think have a powerful effect on our health
  • We are all capable of magic and deserving of joy

I choose to:

  • Embrace Graves Disease as my spirit guide and teacher
  • Cherish my body and treat it with devotion and respect
  • Lovingly support my wellbeing
  • Consume wholesome food that will serve my body, not be a detriment to my health
  • Accept that change is a necessary part of the journey
  • Find joy in the light and the darkness

You may be wondering how I got here…

At only 24 years old I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I was told that I would inevitably have to have my thyroid destroyed with a form of radiation and would forever be on medication… that there was nothing I could do to prevent this fate.

My world was shattering in 2012 as I sat in the doctor’s office trying to process the idea of forever… of losing something I never even thought to revere, my wellness.

It’s strange to look back at that day and the months that followed, because despite the anger and devastation I felt initially, today I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the journey Graves Disease has allowed me to experience.

I decided to do everything in my power to be well. I radicalized my diet and began eating with thought and devotion, supporting my biological functions and ultimately my health. I learned to listen to the messages my body was trying so hard to tell me, and to treat my body with unconditional love and forgiveness. I rejected the idea that there was only one option – radiation- at my disposal.

Today I know that our bodies deserve respect and love.

That eating should be a simple, amazing, and spiritual ritual that supports our health.

That there is magic in our surroundings and we are capable of fostering incredible changes if we put our minds to it.

Despite all odds I am currently in remission and I still have my thyroid. I will always have Graves Disease and may experience flare ups, but I accept this as part of my journey. I am so grateful for my health. In reclaiming my wellness I changed my entire lifestyle; everything from what I eat and drink, what I do and how I think. I decided to do everything in my power to reclaim my health and to thrive despite my diagnoses.

I am not just a young woman with a chronic illness. I am warrior, a health-esteem promoter, a part of an awe inspiring movement towards a healthier world. I realized that my story is something that many can relate to, that it can provide hope and foster change. And so that is what I’m here to do. I created this little health haven to tell my story as it unfolds and share the journey with you.

Together we can encourage and inspire each other to treat our bodies with the love, devotion and respect that they deserve and to build everlasting, loving relationships with our incredible selves.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. I look forward to building our health-esteem together.

All my love,


I am sharing my health-esteem journey with you in order to inform and inspire. However, it is incredibly important that you discuss your health with your doctor or healthcare provider.

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