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Hello Lovelies:

I want to take the time to thank all of you for following my blog, sharing your thoughts and being a part of my journey. I am so incredibly grateful. Connecting with you is humbling, beautiful and therapeutic. I take comfort in knowing that I am not alone as I venture through life with Graves Disease.

I am so excited to announce that I bought a domain and have moved Health-Esteem to a new home – If you’re already a part of my amazing tribe of lovelies here, don’t worry! Your subscription has been carefully packed up and moved along with all of the content on this site. And if you’re not part of the tribe, please join us! I have so much to share with you and look forward to hearing about your journeys as well.

See you on the other side.

All my love,


Thought of the day: I am grateful for the people who inspire and support me and humbled by their stories.

Journey to Remission


Hello Lovelies:

I have some great news! I am in remission once again. My Graves Disease has settled down and I feel incredible. I still have my beautiful thyroid and I am medication free! The first time I went through my Graves Disease battle I learned a lot. As difficult as this journey has been it has changed me in ways I could never have imagined. From my diet, to my outlook, to the way that I treat myself, I am, in a strange way, grateful for the changes that this experience has fostered. This time around was different, of course, but I still managed to learn a lot from take two of my Graves Disease journey. Here are a few things that I learned this time around. Read the rest of this entry

Pets Are Magical


Hello Lovelies:

I am a huge animal lover! I grew up with some wonderful pets, worked as a Zookeeper Apprentice in my teen years and even spent quite some time working in the field of pet nutrition. These days I have a few beautiful fur children and at the end of a long day I love a good snuggle with my cat. There is no comparison to the joy that animals can bring into your life. But did you know that your little bundles of fur (or scales, or whatever else) are actually amping up your health and potentially adding some extra years to your life? I know… MIND. BLOWN! Read the rest of this entry


Listen to your bodySource

Hello Lovelies:

I had the flu recently and it knocked me off my feet. Fevers, aches, chills and fatigue took over. On top of that I had some Graves Disease symptoms that I haven’t felt in over a year, and I was terrified. After some tests, I received bad news – my Graves Disease is back. We caught it early (my doctor thinks the flu caused some thyroiditis that led to some intense symptoms – they’re mostly gone now) but of course I was initially devastated. Read the rest of this entry

The Importance of Self-Love

Self LoveSource

There are many building blocks to good health. A great nutritional foundation is certainly one of them, but it doesn’t end there. You are what you eat and drink, but you are also what you think. Our thoughts have the ability to build us up or knock us down. They also have the ability to support or hinder our health. It is so important that you are mindful of the way you think, especially when it comes to what you think about yourself. Self-love is one of the healthiest things you can do for your beautiful body. But it’s not always the easiest. Read the rest of this entry

Lovely Lucuma


Hello Lovelies:

I have some exciting news! Nature made caramel! That’s right – there is an amazing, health-esteem promoting plant that has an incredibly sweet, caramel like flavour. The universe wants you to have your raw cake and eat it too!

Once you have a taste of lucuma’s incredible sweetness there is no going back. This delicious superstar is native to Peru. It’s their most popular ice cream flavour, beating out North American favourites like vanilla and chocolate. Not only is it a uniquely delicious taste adventure, it has some awesome healthy nutrients to offer as well. Could life get any sweeter? Read the rest of this entry

Every Penny is a Vote


Hello Lovelies:

Every Saturday my fiance and I have a ritual. We call it “Adventure Saturday”! We wake early and begin our adventure by heading to the farmers market. Then we spend the rest of the day exploring our city and the surrounding country side discovering new things every week. Needless to say, I always look forward to Saturday.

I adore going to the market. It is an incredible, romantic place. I have fallen in love with an amazing juice bar, homemade salves, beeswax candles and shampoos, and have had the opportunity to get to know farmers and buy from people I trust. This is incredibly important to me. I view every dollar I spend as a vote and I do my best to make my vote count. Read the rest of this entry

Chia Goodness


Hello Lovelies:

I’m sure you all remember the chia pet commercials as well as I do – ch-ch-ch-chia! I’ve never had a chia pet, but as a child I loved the commercials and all the animals and characters that you could grow. If you had told me then that someday I would eat those seeds almost daily I probably would have told you that that was a gross idea while I chewed on wads of bubble gum and guzzled cans of pop.

If you were to rewind the clock and visit the Sara of January, 2013 you’d meet a lost and depressed women struggling with Graves Disease and some gastrointestinal symptoms that baffled her doctor. I felt helpless. Until I woke up one morning with vigor I had never felt before. I was ready to fight back in any way I could. I decided to reclaim my wellbeing by reimagining my lifestyle and revamping my diet. Chia seeds were an early discovery in my health adventure. Read the rest of this entry

Sunday Inspirations

Hello Lovelies:

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I hope that you’ve all had a beautiful weekend. The sun was shining and the air was warm today. I enjoyed an incredible hike in the woods with my family.

Mothers Day is a beautiful celebration of the women in our world. Our mothers gave us our lives. We should all be thankful for their gift every day that we are fortunate enough to be alive. Mothers Day is brilliant, but I think that it’s important to remember that everyday is an opportunity to be grateful for all of the wonderful people we know. Read the rest of this entry

I Miss You!

Nature PathSource

Hello Lovelies:

I am sorry for my prolonged absence. I have been working on a few personal projects and have been as busy as a bee. I plan to return to share some more health-esteem love over the weekend and hope to be writing regularly again soon.

I discovered this quote recently and I find that it has become somewhat of a mantra. I thought that I would share it with you and I hope that it brings you as much joy as it has brought me: Read the rest of this entry

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